25% of the U.S. population has abandoned religion.
Hear their stories for the first time.

Listen in to the personal conversation of eight “nones” who abandoned religion, and why one chose a different path that led to the discovery of an ancient faith. Becoming Truly Human is a thought-provoking documentary story for both the curious and the committed. Honest and humble. Transparent and transcendent. Explore what’s happening in America and around the world through the eyes of the “nones.”


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Becoming Truly Human is a documentary film that offers a cinematic portrait of eight “Nones,” each of whom shares his or her journey from religious affiliation to religious non-affiliation. The film hears from each individually and as a group, as they share their respective views about religion, the world, God, the afterlife, and much more. Woven throughout, one None, Basil, shares how his quest for spiritual wholeness ultimately led him from religious non-affiliation to something else entirely.

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The film is 85 minutes long.

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